Airborne pathogens are invisible, act now to protect your family and friends

Air sanitiser



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Sanitises the air around you


Covid-19 & influenza can be found in airborne particles


Pathogenic bacteria are dangerous and are the cause of many diseases

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Some VOCs are extremely dangerous to human health and cause harm to the environment

  • 4 stage power level

  • 3 function modes

  • Professional design 

  • 250+ sq.ft coverage

  • Upright & landscape orientation

  • Low worry-free maintenance

AirHalo Deskmate

Air sanitiser 

Full specifications can be found here

One of the most effective air sanitisers in the world

Technology which guarantees the elimination of pathogens in seconds

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Bonus Voucher: WhyMe offer a HKD 500 Voucher for each Deskmate product you purchase. You can use this Voucher to buy additional Whyme products or spare parts.

Supply Lead-time: After receipt of payment, our staff will contact you and get your full address and arrange delivery to you. Goods will be sent to you via courier within 2 - 3 weeks.

Delivery arrangement: via courier, Clients pay the delivery charge when goods arrive.

Product Warranty: Extend up to 2 yrs. warranty from days of purchase

Services Center: Please refer to the warranty card enclose in the product. 



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